The GS41-P  series rear and side mulchers have been developed to cleanly mulch green areas, hedges, strawy and knotty material alongside the tractor at an angle of -60° downwards and up to 90° upwards. Preferred applications of the GS41-P are the mowing of ditches and embankments, verges along hiking, field and cycle paths, roadsides and green areas. Municipal and compact tractors with a power of 24 to 60 hp are particularly suitable as towing vehicles.

Equipped with 700 g hammer flails for tough mulching material, the rotor of the GS41-P creates a clean cutting pattern with the straight cutting edges of the tool.  The individual arrangement of the blades enables a very high rotor speed, which, in combination with the design of the tools, guaranties a strong suction effect in the mulch housing. As a result, the material is shredded very finely and the surface of the cuttings is additionally broken, which in turn significantly promotes the mulching process.

With the hydraulic side shift, users have a continuously adjustable working range from the rear left tyre to the right side outside the lanes of the carrier vehicle. An additional hydraulic cylinder variably positions the mulching head in the pivot range. Special linkage designs ensure good adjustment of the mulching head to the ground and optimal surface maintenance.

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Hydraulic tilt adjustment ensures maximum flexibility

Thanks to the hydraulic tilt adjustment of the mulcher from -60° to +90° and hydraulic side shift by 35 cm, you benefit from maximum flexibility when working on slopes, roadsides, verges, road and field edges etc.

Stable driving due to ideal weight distribution

Thanks to the specially designed suspension of the mower head on the frame of the side mulcher, part of the weight of the mower head is transferred to the left-hand lower link and thus the left-hand side of the tractor – the dreaded tipping of the towing vehicle becomes almost impossible and you get even pressure on the soil.

Automatic latch safety locking protects against damage

A latch which pulls the mulching head backwards and opens upwards serves as collision protection. The latch is engaged again by simply raising the tractor hydraulics. The gearbox is also protected against collision damage through the special attachment of the right-hand parking support.

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Other product features

700 g hammer flails for knotty / bushy material with a diameter of <4 cm

Operation of all hydraulic functions through the tractor hydraulics (2 double-acting control valves required)

Rotor shaft made from high-quality seamless drawn precision steel tubing

Extremely smooth running and vibration-free thanks to special electronic balancing of the rotor at full operating speed

Central transport position behind the towing vehicle

Robust steel housing with large housing overhangs for more safety

Driven by three V-belts

Belt tensioner accessible from the outside

Specially protected rotor bearings which can be lubricated from the outside

Self-cleaning rear roller and reinforced mountings with closed maintenance-free or greasable bearings

Rear roller slanted to protect the soil

Rear rubber skirt freely suspended on hinges and flexible front plastic lamella as stone guards

Lateral skids

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Rear and side mulcher GS41-P

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Since 1985, our company has been developing and producing various attachments for the creation, maintenance and regeneration of green spaces in gardening and landscaping at our company headquarters in Altlußheim near Speyer/Germany.

We place great value on customer satisfaction, which is why we ensure the high quality of our products through state-of-the-art production technology and comprehensive controls, and why we always listen to our customers. In the process, we are constantly developing new ideas or adapting the attachments for towing vehicles, tractors, excavators or track-side equipment. Our customers also benefit from the rapid availability of our products and spare parts. more

Rear and side mulcher GS41-P

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Rear and side mulcher GS41-P