The SHOCKex upper link is a spring-loaded system for damping mechanical oscillations such as vibrations and shocks that usually occur during transport. Shockex absorbs shocks and provides greater comfort for the driver during transport and work. This shock absorption significantly improves the manoeuvrability of the towing vehicle. This protects both the attachment and the towing vehicle. SHOCKex is a wise investment in the durability of high-quality machines which retains its value. SHOCKex replaces the CAT.1 or CAT.2 upper link. The springs built into the damping system absorb the shocks. The length is adjusted without tools.

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Protection of towing vehicle and attachment during transport

The shocks and vibrations occurring during transport journeys which have an effect on towing vehicles and attachments are equalised by the damping properties of the ShockEx. A key factor in the end of an attachment’s life, the tearing of the suspension elements, can be counteracted and the service life of the attachment can be noticeably increased.

Improvement of manoeuvrability

During transport journeys, increased impacts result in the towing vehicle losing traction and becoming harder to steer. The ShockEx absorbs the shocks and improves the grip. Particularly at high speeds, the towing vehicle now always remains controllable.

Transport journeys with a noticeable improvement in comfort

The repeated vibrations and impacts put strain on the driver on long journeys because the body attempts to compensate for them. The associated signs of fatigue can be noticeable reduced with the ShockEx.

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Other product features

For a load range of 100 to 1000 kg, individual adjustment possible at any time

Available in lengths of 410 to 1030 mm

Compact design

Durable components

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Upper link vibration damper ShockEx

Our quality promise

Since 1985, our company has been developing and producing various attachments for the creation, maintenance and regeneration of green spaces in gardening and landscaping at our company headquarters in Altlußheim near Speyer/Germany.

We place great value on customer satisfaction, which is why we ensure the high quality of our products through state-of-the-art production technology and comprehensive controls, and why we always listen to our customers. In the process, we are constantly developing new ideas or adapting the attachments for towing vehicles, tractors, excavators or track-side equipment. Our customers also benefit from the rapid availability of our products and spare parts. more

Upper link vibration damper ShockEx

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Upper link vibration damper ShockEx