With its working width of 200 cm, the BDS200 artificial turf maintenance machine is ideally suited for the regular maintenance of artificial turf. The granulate infilled in the artificial turf is loosened by the spring tines, which can be adjusted with millimetre precision. This improves the water permeability and prevents water puddles from forming. The broom bars arranged in a W-shape level the granulate and sweep it back evenly into the artificial turf. The brushes straighten up the fibres of the artificial turf. The BDS200 is the ideal machine to restore the lawn to an optimal condition after use. Depending on the condition of the surface, the treatment can be improved by adding weight to the frame. The BDS200 can be attached to various towing vehicles such as a quad, electric vehicle or a small tractor with existing 3-point linkage by means of a drawbar.

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Integrated spring tine bar to loosen up the granulate

The spring tine bar made of high-quality xxxxxxxx, which can be adjusted with millimetre precision, loosens up the material infilled in the artificial turf. This improves the water permeability and prevents water puddles from forming. This prevents the formation of moss, which increases the risk of injury due to slipping.

W-shaped broom and spring tine bar individually adjustable by crank

Artificial turf pitches have different properties, with more or less granulate or with different lengths of the synthetic fibres. Since both the spring tine and the broom bar can be adjusted individually and with millimetre precision, the BDS200 can be used on almost all pitches.

Improved treatment possible by adding weight

Heavy rainfall, intensive use of the artificial turf pitch as well as irregular maintenance can make the granulate so compacted that it will be difficult to break up. More pressure can be applied to the surface using additional weights, with the help of which even tough layers can be loosened.

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Other product features

1 additional continuous broom bar for even better levelling

High chemical and mechanical resistance of the surface due to powder coating

3 wheels facilitate pulling and steering of the machine

Reinforced frame for additional weights

Simple removal of broom and spring tine bar in case of damage

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Artificial turf maintenance machine BDS200

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Artificial turf maintenance machine BDS200

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